“UpZone Studios creates media content for your business. We help and support you on creative projects that can be used on websites, social media and other targeted channels. We currently work with clients in Europe, Asia & in the US. We are here because we believe we can make a difference.”

- Sebastian Jern, Founder


We make projects that convey 100% brand experience using aerial shots, ground footages and top of the line pictures. We help clients in creative planning and execution. The first and foremost goal is to make the best videos and photos that would bring the desired message or purpose of the project. We listen to our clients and make sure we understand what they need. We make it happen. UpZone Studios wants to create a “feeling” or “sense of desire” for the targeted audience of every project. This is what we want to achieve.

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UpZone Studios produces content that leads to an amazing experience. We want the audience to enjoy watching our videos and appreciate looking at our photos. We want the people to be thrilled when they hear the sounds we create. We explore all creative possibilities in our projects that lead to our audience wanting to taste the food, drink the cold beer, smell the fresh air or touch the white sand. UpZone Studios will deliver these experiences, to the very best of our capabilities. We always aim for the 5 senses!

UpZone Studios


About Us / Gears

We are located in Sweden and we perform assignments throughout the world. The founder of UpZone Studios - Sebastian Jern, has years of experience in the field of Media & Events before he started the business. He is a passionate filmmaker, explorer and photographer from Sweden. He has traveled around the world with his camera, drone and other gears, capturing breathtaking sceneries, beautiful locations and stunning views from the ground and in the air. Sebastian gets a unique perspective of how nature, technology and images really work. The conclusion has proved that nothing is impossible. Every project is something new but the focus of UpZone Studios is always the same - we will deliver the highest quality and the goal is to be the best in the world, in what we do.

Drone Safety and certificates

UpZone Studios is licensed by the transport board to the business of unmanned aircraft (UAS) category 1A. For safety precautions, we reserve the right to postpone or cancel projects with adverse conditions such as heavy rain, strong winds, thunders or technical problems that may arise unexpectedly or where the risks of personal injury or damage to property exist. Insurance is taken out with Inter Hanover.


Ground Video & Photo

Aerial Cinematography

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Sound Effects & Interview

Editing & Animation


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